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2018 AMP Consolidated Financials
20182018 AMP Consolidated FinancialsFinancial Reports2018 AMP Consolidated Financials
05/11/2016Greenup Hydroelectric Project Revenue Bonds, Series 2016AOfficial Statements
Q1 20192019 1st Quarter Supplemental SchedulesQuarterly Reports
Q4 20182018 4th Quarter Supplemental SchedulesQuarterly Reports
Q3 2018Supplemental Schedules - 3rd Quarter 2018Quarterly Reports
Q3 2018Supplemental Schedules - 3rd Quarter 2018Quarterly Reports
Q2 2018Supplemental Schedules - 2nd Quarter 2018Quarterly Reports
Q1 2018Supplemental Schedules - 1st Quarter 2018Quarterly Reports
Q4 2017Supplemental Schedules - 4th Quarter 2017Quarterly Reports
Q3 2017Supplemental Schedules - 3rd Quarter 2017Quarterly Reports
Q2 2017Supplemental Schedules - 2nd Quarter 2017Quarterly Reports
Q1 2017Supplemental Schedules - 1st Quarter 2017Quarterly Reports
09/05/2018Moody's Rating ReportRating Reports
04/04/2018Fitch Rating ReportRating Reports
04/18/2016Moody's Rating ReportRating Reports
04/04/2016Fitch Rating ReportRating Reports
03/28/2016S&P Rating ReportRating Reports